How to install Load Runner 2021 Community Edition

2 min readMar 4, 2021
  1. Use you preferred browser and navigate to
Download page

2. Click on the preferred format for download. I have used

3. Once the Download finished, extract the distribution in to your local machine. If it is an .exe file, you need to click on the exe.

extraction window

4. You can see the progress of extraction as below

5. You will redirect to the LoadRunner 2021 setup wizard and then click on NEXT button.

setup wizard

6. In the next window, Click the install button as below

Install Window

7. If the windows firewall shows up, Click on Allow Access option.

Windows Firewall

8. In the next window, you will see the Authentication settings and untick the option “Specify a certificate that will be used by the Load Runner Agent”

Authentication settings window

9. As the final step, you will see “Complete the Micro Focus LoadRunner 2021 setup” window and click finish.

Micro Focus LoadRunner 2021 complete window

10. Once you install the Load Runner 2021 successfully, you will see the three icons as below in your desktop.

Load Runner installation icons